Sunday 27 September, 2020

Bajans mourn the loss of Kadooment Day 2020

Deejay Puffy captures the feeling of many Bajans this morning

Deejay Puffy captures the feeling of many Bajans this morning

Bajans are collectively disheartened by the cancellation of this year's Kadooment Day festivities and Crop Over Tabanca is being expressed all across social media.

Across platforms, well known social media personalities have taken to posting obligatory throwback selfies and videos in costumes with captions eulogizing this year's Kadooment Day.

Deejay Puffy perfectly posted what most Barbadians are feeling right now.

"I Miss Crop Over," - Deejay Puffy said.



While Alison Hinds took the time to post a video of herself from last year and express a deeper sentiment around what we would have been experiencing at this time.

"Today we would have been lining up and preparing to turn all the way up for Kadooment, but 2020 had different plans...Happy Kadooment Day my Soca Lovers," Hinds said.

Social Media personality Joel Manning took the more humorous approach.

 "Would have been putting in the last set up push-ups now and taking a pic before the swelling went away
Happy Kadooment," Manning posted.

Back in April the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) had announced the official cancellation of the 2020 Crop Over Festival along with the National Festival for Creative Arts (NIFCA) due to the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. 

This is also not the first time Crop Over was faced with a cancellation in the 300 years since the inception of the festival. The most notable cancellation came during World War II  and it only returned 30 years later in 1974.


We can probably expect more posts and captions as the day rolls on as people continue to miss out on one of the countries most prominent day.

But I think we can all agree with Mahalia Cummins from  2 Mile Hill and know that even though Kadooment isn't here today it is still "Sweet Fuh Days."


Take a look at some shots captured by LOOP on Grand Kadooment 2019. 

Grand Kadooment 2019

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