Monday 26 October, 2020

Baje revellers warm up for Kadooment 2019 with Sahara Sunset

Sahara Sunset heated up fast as the crowd at Copacabana grew and grew during the night.

Sahara Sunset heated up fast as the crowd at Copacabana grew and grew during the night.

Baje International gave patrons a taste of what to expect on the road with them for Kadooment Day when they hosted their annual Sahara Sunset beach party recently at Copacabana Beach.

Now in its tenth year, the band launched eight colourful sections earlier in the Crop Over season under the theme Renaissance, and according to Sahara patrons, they are not only jumping with Baje because of their eyecatching costumes but for the vibe the band brings each year.

DJs including Blank, Mali Fresh, Salt, Psalms, Vibe Nation, Bubbles and Evolution had patrons pumping throughout the evening while playing a wide range of music to satisfy the mixed-age crowd.

One patron who has been supporting the band for a few years told Loop that she always has a good time at Baje events.

"I've been with Baje for roughly four to five years, so I try to attend some of their events every now and then. I don't get to attend the events too often but when I do I always have a good time. It's always a vibe with Baje and I'm looking forward to being with them on the road this year."

A first-time patron who jumped with the band for the first time last year said that her experience surpassed those she had in the past with other bands.

"The event is going good so far. This is actually my first time coming to the event but [this year is[ not my first time jumping with Baje. I jumped with a few bands throughout the years but was never really satisfied with the service I was getting; so I decided I would try Baje for the first time last year and I loved it! 

"Signing up at the band house was stress-free and there were no hiccups on the road - the truck did not run out of ice or drinks. I will be jumping with Baje again this year, God willing."

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