Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Bajan duo bringing some much needed Hashtag Balance

Hashtag Balance logo

Hashtag Balance logo

Olivia and KB, two Bajan young women, are doing things differently with their newest project - Hashtag Balance.

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The podcast scene in Barbados is not littered with an abundance of practitioners or audiences, but the burgeoning sector as an avenue for information and entertainment holds massive potential. 

From conversations related to music, film, television, everyday living and pop culture there are endless spaces to be occupied by the informal style of broadcast conversations.

Hence this is the route that these two have taken.

Created by the pair of 30-something-year-olds, they see the podcast as an avenue to spread awareness and enlightenment on the ways of life and living from their perspective and that of people in their lives. 

Still in its infancy, started on October 29, 2019, Hashtag Balance is at Episode Seven (7) and according to them, it maintains a charming mix of raucous and classy that allows them to capture the imaginations of several types of listeners. But the show is very much not for the timid, neither is it for those who aren't ready for uncensored conversations, as they take on subject matters such as sex, friendship and money-making with brutal and refreshing honesty. 

KB is a beauty therapist, event planner, and self-professed cat lady with a dark sense of humor and a love of cooking, but mainly eating.

While Olivia is a "30-ish" full-time accountant and part-time baker who likes to travel, listen to music, go out to eat and most importantly as she says, "mind my business."

The show is described as, "A podcast about navigating the scam that is adulting as a 30 adjacent-year-old woman, living in the Caribbean. Trying to find balance in all aspects of life." To which KB added, "At whatever stage of adulthood a person is at if you feel alone, we are here to let you know you are not alone. We wanted to share the things we talk about and learn in our little circles with others."

Geared mainly towards a more millennial audience in their 20s and 30s they describe their target demographic as "that awkward age group - too old to party all night but too young for Q in the Community, that stage where every decision is crucial to what your future holds."

Describing the inspiration behind the show, Olivia shared, "I am an avid listener of podcasts but I found that there weren't any, that I have come across, that are Caribbean/Barbados-based and I felt we could add value from that perspective."

KB went on to explain how many of her clients were sharing similar experiences and she wanted to use the witty dynamic between her and Olivia as a launchpad for those shared discussions. "My profession affords me the opportunity to sit with several people, mainly women for extended periods and listen to their stories...and it brought me to the conclusion that everyone is struggling somehow and we should talk about it!"

Both are very intent on responsibly using the platform as a way of reaching an audience they feel is lost at current in a world that is all-consuming to millennial women who have far too many decisions to make. Together, they believe that by way of this initative, they are offering many people they interact with either through the show or online, a wonderful space for affirmation and reflection that can often be so necessary in today's hectic world. 

 "I just want it to be relatable and be a platform to create more open/transparent dialogue within our age group," Olivia says, while KB emphasized, "I want the show to open conversations among friends and the wider society about things that affect us now and things that will affect us later."  

The long-term goal for the podcast as they see it is they want it to last and not become repetitive, all while they attempt to "give people alternatives to traditional thought processes and understanding the importance of forging your own path."

"As we learn, we teach... As we evolve I want to come and be able to say we started at point 'A' but with the right tools we reached point 'B'!" KB says. 

Not intending to only share their own thoughts or persons' thoughts on their behalf, the two may lend their space to others who they think can share some insightful information too. But who? Olivia did not have a dream guest for the show thus far but KB was bold enough to put into the universe that her dream guest is the one and only BeyoncĂ©. 


You can follow Hashtag Balance on Instagram @hashtagbalancerr 

Or follow them on Twitter @HashtagBalance where you can also find links to their podcast.

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