Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Barbadians can take a shot at change with their vote on May 24

John King, BLP Candidate

John King, BLP Candidate

Too many of the nation’s young people are suffering currently, but the governed have more power than they realize to change such a situation.

On Monday night during a political meeting after an island-wide motorcade involving all 30 constituencies, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St Philip West John King said that in spite of the suffering the electorate had a chance to change everything via their vote.

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“While we are here, while we are having a good time and in a celebratory mood, too many of our young people are suffering at this time. Too many of our elderly people are suffering at this time. Too many of our businesses have closed down at this time. Too many Barbadians have lost their homes at this time,” he said.

King added that the job of the electorate was easy.

“It is at this time that you have been called to do one simple thing - to change this situation,” he said to loud applause.

“Come May 24th I want you to change this situation [...] The power is in your hands. This next election is not just about candidates that you like or the Party that you like. This election is for the very soul and survival of a country that we all love called Barbados,” he added.

He said that the governed have way more power than they actually realize. As he created an analogy he said that the people of Barbados were in the firing line so to speak and they could release a demolition shot which could change an entire government.

“I have put myself in the firing line. You have played your part because you have put yourself in the firing line. The good thing about the shot that you will let go would get rid of the demolition Party once and for all,” he added.

He finally urged the crowd of thousands to get out early on Thursday, May 24, to rescue and restore Barbados.

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