Sunday 26 May, 2019

Barbadians not giving like they used to

Barbadians are not giving to the Salvation Army like they used to. 

Barbadians are not giving to the Salvation Army like they used to. 

                             By Michron Robinson

Barbadians are being urged to give more.

The appeal is coming from an organization that is dedicated to uplifting the poor - the Salvation Army. 

Last week as Loop News observed the busy shoppers in and out of the streets of Bridgetown getting ready for Christmas, it was observed that many passed the holding buckets of the Christian based organization with their heads straight. 

Loop then decided to approach an officer about the giving from Barbadians this year and musician with the Army, Ralph Worrell, revealed that Barbadians are not giving like they used to. 

Sitting outside of Collande Mall, he lamented that people are not giving as much as they would like: 

"People are giving very scanty. I don't know if they will give more later, but it will be at their will."

He urged people rich or poor to give, stressing that there are always people in more need. 

"The scriptures teach of giving," another Salvation Army officer located outside of Cave Shepherd said. 

She also reported a low "give-back" rate as she rang the bell alerting shoppers of her presence and cause. Reminding Loop that people seem to forget the importance of sharing with the less fortunate, she encouraged Barbadians to do their part and give.

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