Thursday 9 July, 2020

Barbadians urged to choose healthy options this Christmas season

The National Nutrition Centre has advised Barbadians to maintain their wellness goals this Christmas by making wise food choices as they celebrate the holiday season.

Here are a few nutrition tips: 

  • Use less added fats. These include butter, margarine, oil and mayonnaise.
  • Flavour food with a variety of herbs, sodium/salt-free seasonings and natural spice blends.  This reduces the amount of salt or sodium added during meal preparation.
  • Prepare macaroni pie and similar type casseroles with less cheese, and substitute whole milk with low fat milk.
  • Make favourite drinks with less added sugar, syrup or honey, and top up beverage glasses with ice before serving.

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  • Trim the skin and visible fat from meat and poultry before serving to offer leaner protein at meal times.
  • Use smaller serving utensils and dinnerware to help control portion sizes at each meal.
  • Fill half your plate with a variety of vegetables and the other half can be shared equally with protein and starchy foods.
  • Freeze or refrigerate extra servings for future use to avoid overeating.

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