Friday 10 July, 2020

Barbados 101: Cats and dogs differ

Have you ever heard a Bajan say, “Cat luck ain’t dog luck”?

Well if have or have not, here is what that means.


Do not think that because person A does something and faces no consequences, that it would be the same if you or person B did the same.


Boss: You’re late! Stay late today Samantha.

Samantha: You ain serious?! Wuh Sheryl was late evuh day this week and when de clock strike 4:30 pun uh evening she is de fuss body out de door.

Boss: Samantha, that is Sheryl, not you.


Do not watch people and always take responsibility for yourself. 

Don't play the blame game.

Is this one of your favourite bajanisms? Comment and tell us.


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