Thursday 13 August, 2020

Barbados 101: Pickling, has nothing to do with pickle

Bajans love to pickle some foods.

If you ask an old Barbadian or someone from “de country” you may even hear them say “prickle”. It’s de same ting! But note that they do not mean the salty, green, acidic fruit or vegetable which is preserved in vinegar.

What is pickling?

This is when someone graters cucumber, and combines it with salt, lime juice and in most cases lots of pepper. Recipes can also include onion and parsley. Some people call it pickled cucumber, but this accompanies certain dishes. It is not an appetizer or entrée on its own.


People pickle breadfruit, calamari also known as sea cat, and they pickle chicken feet or steppers as some call them. That is they add pickled cucumber to these foods.

But most importantly Bajans pour “the pickle” over steam pudding and souse. Souse is pork, the other white meat. Steam pudding is mainly grated sweet potato, sugar and other good ground provisions.

Rarely you may see someone pickle chicken necks, gizzards and livers as well.


You can get food with pickle that is mild or “hot”, those are your only two options, and sometimes if you’re lucky or unlucky depending on your taste, the only option you may be presented with is “hot hot”.

How do you like yours?

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