Friday 27 November, 2020

UPDATE: Barbados has its first two confirmed cases of COVID-19

Barbados has recorded its first two confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Testing positive are a 48-year-old visitor to the island and a 39-year-old Barbadian. Both have a recent travel history. They came to Barbados from the United States of America.

After experiencing some symptoms, they were referred to the medical team at the Ministry of Health and Wellness for further evaluation.

The test results came this morning. According to the Health Minister, Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic: "They will remain in isolation until they recover."

He urged Barbadians to understand that there is no need or time for panic. "This is the time for vigilance and being our brothers' keepers". He said that the communication lines are open and updates will come every step of the way.

"The mission now is to prevent the spread of this coronavirus disease 2019," he added.

Fourteen persons were tested for COVID-19. The other 12 were negative. 

Barbados is now at Stage 1 in terms of its response to COVID-19



Barbados awaiting COVID-19 update

[Original story: 9.33 am, March 17, 2020]

Bajans are on pins and needles as they await an important update on the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The announcement is to be made by the Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic in a few minutes.

To date, Barbados has had no confirmed cases of COVID-19 and is in Stage 0 as it relates to its preparations for COVID-19.

From Sunday, March 15, the Barbados government has been bringing daily updates by way of national broadcasts.

Today Barbados is also staging a COVID-19 simulation exercise at the Grantley Adams International Airport in conjunction with the Health Ministry. Business at the airport is to continue as usual.


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