Thursday 3 December, 2020

Barbados Czar: Assume everyone has COVID-19

COVID-19 Czar Richard Carter (FILE)

COVID-19 Czar Richard Carter (FILE)

Community spread or no community spread, all Barbadians need to keep their guards up as it relates to COVID-19 and act at all times to stop the spread and flatten the curve.

In light of a new case with no travel history, and no links to any of the previous cases as yet, this is a word from the COVID-19 Czar, Richard Carter.

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Barbadians were already concerned over one active case where a 32-year-old male has no connection to any of the other 82 cases which were reported in Barbados between March 16 and today, May 9, only for this to be followed closely by this new case which is currently under investigation. One other case was under investigation about six weeks ago, the patient has since recovered and left isolation without a source of infection ever being discovered.

Against this background, the Czar said:

"The fact is that we have one live case that we haven’t been able to track where he got infected, that doesn’t change anything about what we are doing, about our plan, about our strategy.

"We always said to people, assume everybody out there has COVID."

Furthermore, he advised:

"When you step out of your house assume everybody has COVID because that way you make sure you take the protective measures regardless of who you come into contact with. And the truth is that you can’t know that somebody is COVID-free unless you have access to their test results conducted on that day."

The Czar stressed that with COVID-19 each day, hour, minute and every interaction counts. "So even if a person was COVID-free yesterday, they could have contacted somebody who they got infected from this morning and therefore are now COVID-positive," he warned.

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