Sunday 31 May, 2020

Barbados Football Association opens one-day transfer window

While domestic football is on hiatus due to the global spread of COVID-19, a number of clubs will welcome the break due to injuries or a series of unfavourable results, while others may believe it may have hindered their rhythm and interrupted their form.

Regardless, what the recess most certainly does is allow the technical staff to review their season thus far, analyzing what has been done well, what can be improved, strengths and weaknesses of opponents and charter a path ahead for the remainder of the season.

Take those variables and add another transfer window; the third in three months, and you have the basic ingredients for a potentially exciting resumption of the football competitions.

Today, Friday, March 27, players will have the opportunity to switch clubs for the very last time this season, as determined by the Executive Board of the Barbados Football Association (BFA), who stated this is due to some glitches in the new FIFA Connect transfer system.

“We decided on the third window because of the FIFA Connect system.  There were a lot of mix ups with players who genuinely asked for transfers and the teams they wanted to leave admitted it was their fault, so we are just trying to rectify that”, said BFA President Randy Harris.

The transfer window will only remain open for 24 hours and according to Harris only a select group of players will be eligible for a transfer.

“If a player has represented a club this season, he can’t transfer. 

"Once the team sheet went to the officials and their name is listed, they’re a player.  He is eligible to be sent off or anything else.  If he is not listed, then that is a different matter”, said Harris.

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