Tuesday 31 March, 2020

Barbados records 36 degrees Celsius Apparent Temp ahead of summer

Summer is knocking on Barbados' door.

At 12:00 pm, noon, today, May 28, 2019, Barbados recorded an apparent temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, while recording an extreme apparent temperature high of 36 degrees Celsius back on May 12 and May 16, 2019.

With many crying "Outside hot!", Loop News contacted the Barbados Meteorological Service to garner some reasons, why it feels so hot, especially this month.

Meteorologist David Best tried to explain what's contributing to Barbados feeling like a furnace to many.

"First of all, we're starting summer. Summer is starting to take over. So generally it is going to start to feel a little hotter, coming out of 'winter', into summer; so it definitely is going to feel a bit hotter. 

"Also, what has been happening is that we had some fairly light winds over the past couple of days, but they have started to pick back up marginally and usually when you get the winds so light, cause we had some drop off after breezy days," he said it's a recipe for hot days. But, coupled together, high temperatures and no wind, this is why many people are complaining about feeling "hot and uncomfortable."

And he stated that it will get worse.

"So with the overall temperature on the increase and the winds falling off a bit light, it would tend to feel a lot hotter, but generally the pattern is going to be feeling a lot warmer, hotter as we come into summer." 

He said the extreme air temperatures will remain in the ballpark of 31 degrees Celsius daily until we get into the heart of summer. Then, he said that we could see Apparent Temperatures climbing beyond 36, even in the vicinity of 40 degrees Celsius.

Taking a moment to clarify the difference between air temperatures and apparent temperatures, Best said that despite the present Air Temperature being 30.2 degrees Celsius in Barbados, the Apparent Temperature today is 35 degrees Celsius. For May 2019 the Apparent Temperature was generally between 34 and 35 degrees Celsius. He explained that the Apparent Temperature is the "true indication of what the temperature actually feels like."

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