Thursday 9 April, 2020

Parents receive education on first aid procedures

Parents of students at the Maria Holder Nursery School learning the proper way to revive someone.

Parents of students at the Maria Holder Nursery School learning the proper way to revive someone.

If someone is unconscious and you want to assist in reviving them “do not slap them in the face”.

This is the advice given by Peterson Yearwood of the Barbados Red Cross Society as he educated the parents of the Maria Holder Nursery School in providing first aid assistance during their annual health fair held on Valentine's Day. 

The health fair, preceded by a 'love walk', was the school’s way of encouraging children, as well as parents, to love themselves through living a healthy lifestyle. 

Yearwood said while it was admirable to offer help in times of a medical emergency, he noted it could be harmful if the person providing the assistance is not physically fit.

He gave parents several tips on what course of action to take when assisting someone who is unconscious. 

The first step, he explained, is to get consent from the person who is in need of help, if that person is able to consent. Yearwood demonstrated to parents how to revive a person, both adult and child, including carrying out chest compressions and giving rescue breaths. 

Additionally, he advised persons to call emergency services using the 511 number as the operator may be able to assist via the telephone.

Yearwood said he believed all schools should have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This is a portable device which can check the heart’s rhythm and send shocks to the heart to restore a normal rhythm. This machine, he said, helps significantly in the reviving process. 

He also urged parents to check their surroundings carefully to ensure there are no health and safety hazards in the environment before they proceed in providing assistance.  

Persons are urged to contact the Barbados Red Cross Society for more information on training in first aid. 

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