Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Barbados Traffic Report - Hinds Hill is not a race track 

Here is a look at conditions on our roads and any major concerns for the morning.


There were three accidents for the morning, two at BET Hill and one in the City. They are not causing challenges for motorists at this time. 


Traffic is moderate to heavy across all major roads.


Last Friday,  the Ministry of Transport and Works advised the travelling public that the traffic signals at the Hinds Hill, St Michael Junction were not functioning. Stating that the Ministry’s Electronic Unit is aware of the problem and is working to alleviate the issue in the next few days. 

Today,  Sergeant Seibert Johnson of the Royal Barbados Police Force's Traffic Division, is urging motorists to exercise extreme caution when travelling along that area.

Stressing that motorists are approaching the junction at high speeds, he urged persons to drive with safety in mind:

"The law requires that persons should stop at a four-cross and when lights are flashing red, then operate by first-come, first-go. So when the lights are off, electricity is off etcetera, persons should stop and first-come, first-go."

He lamented that this is not the case at Hinds Hills, noting that persons could be injured if this does not change:

"But this is not happening and I fear that someone would get hurt if people continue to speed down that area - no one has the right of way."


Traffic laws are made with your safety in mind, adhere to them to protect yourself and those around you.


Be safe on our roads

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