Friday 10 July, 2020

Barbados Traffic Report - No right of way at crossroads

Here is a look at conditions on our roads and any major concerns for the morning.


There were two minor accidents reported to police for the morning, which are not causing challenges for motorists at this time. 


Traffic is heavy across all major roads, especially in and around the City.


The Royal Barbados Police Force is once again expressing concern over the speed at which persons are approaching junctions across Barbados.

Yesterday Sergeant Seibert Johnson addressed this issues, making note of Hinds Hill, St Michael, where the traffic lights are not working:

"The law requires that persons should stop at a four-cross and when lights are flashing red, then operate by first-come, first-go. So when the lights are off, electricity is off etcetera, persons should stop and first-come, first-go.

"But this is not happening and I fear that someone would get hurt if people continue to speed down that area - no one has the right of way."

Today he added that this practice is continuing and being seen in a number of areas, such as Bank Hall:

"Remember no one has the right of way, but persons travelling on Bank Hall Cross Road seem to think they do and that is causing some problems on the road."


Always drive with safety at the forefront of your mind - approach every intersection with caution.


Be safe on our roads

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