Thursday 4 June, 2020

Barbados Traffic Report - Stop splashing pedestrians

Here is a look at the conditions on the roads and any major concerns for the morning.


The road at Gardens, St James was blocked this morning as a result of a collision between two minibuses. That area is now clear. 


Traffic is heavy across the island at this time, especially in and around Bridgetown in areas such as Fontabelle and Cheapside. There are also heavy flows from Waterford Bottom onto Station Hill. 


Sargeant David Alleyne of the Royal Barbados Police Force's Traffic Division is urging motorists not to splash pedestrians. 

Referring to an incident yesterday, in which a woman who had just received a bandage from the doctor at 3rd Avenue Belleville was splashed, he warned drivings that this is an offence, while urging them to slow down and be considerate:

"Have your vehicle under control and drive within the speed limit. Once you do that you will be able to avoid incidents like this."


Watch out for pedestrians!


Be safe on our roads. 

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