Friday 10 July, 2020

Barbados Traffic Report - Stop using hazard lights incorrectly!

Here is a look at conditions on our roads and any major concerns for the morning.


There were three minor accidents this morning which are not causing challenges for motorists at this time.


Traffic is mainly moderate, with heavier flows from Warrens into the City and from Waterford Bottom into the City.


Constable David Alleyne of the Royal Barbados Police Force's Traffic Division, is urging motorists to stop driving so closely, noting that police are seeing many accidents caused by motorists who are not leaving enough distance between them and the vehicle ahead.

He also stressed that persons are not using hazard lights correctly and are in fact endangering others in some cases:

"Hazard lights mean that the vehicle has a problem and other drivers will therefore overtake. They should not be used when stopping for persons to cross the road. 

"We are seeing situations where pedestrians are nearly hit by vehicles which attempt to overtake trucks which have on hazard lights, not knowing that they have stopped to let persons cross."

He advised drivers to protect pedestrians by not using these lights: 

"What persons should do is stop, wait and then move off when the person has crossed the road."


The name explains it all - only use those lights when there is a "hazard"!


Be safe on our roads

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