Monday 1 June, 2020

Barbados Weather Report - More rain for the north on Sept. 6

Western and central parts of the island can expect some more rain today as a weak surface to low-level ridge pattern remains the dominant feature affecting the island.

Met officials say today into this evening will be mostly fair during the morning period, however, some localized late morning and afternoon showers and thunderstorms will occur across western, northwestern and central districts.

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These conditions should improve in the evening and it will be mostly fair and cool.

The winds are blowing from the East to East South East at between 10 to 20 km/h however, although these speeds are predicted to continue throughout the day, a shift in direction – East South East to South East – is expected.

Meantime the seas are expected to be slight to moderate in open water with swells of between 1.0m and 1.5m.

Sunrise today, September 6, was at 5:47 am and it is expected that the sun will set around 6:06 pm.

The maximum temperature recorded yesterday morning was 31.2⁰C and it dropped to a low of 25.0⁰C overnight.

High Tide

10:07 pm and 9:37 pm

Low Tide

3:32 am and 3:19 pm


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