Thursday 21 February, 2019

Barbados' Wesu steals The Voice UK Blind auditions

Once pushed his button and turned his chair before Wesu Wallace had sung the last note of his 'I'm Not the Only One' audition track, the tenterhooks were removed and the Blind Auditions turned into a Caribbean Party.

After how are you and what's your name fired off quick from Jennifer Hudson, it was onto 'How old are you and where are you from?' Wesu answered, "I'm 36 years old and in Barbados!" J.Hud's lower jaw dropped instantly. couldn't contain himself responding quickly 'You from Barbados? Oh Toast!' And the newest judge to join the lineup Olly Murs said it's his favourite place to go on holiday and fellow judge Sir Tom Jones added, 'Me Too!'. Olly continued, 'Lovely...It's a great place.' 

Then Wesu shocked the judges revealing that he had only travelled to the UK to participate in The Voice UK auditions. He had taken the trip for no other reason and he was there all on his own. 

Sir Tom Jones couldn't helping reinforceing that he's been to Barbados many times and he pledged to go back.

A risk worth taking. Glad you made it

I could not, not turn for you, because you are an awesome singer and Wesu you are the voice now.

Then threw out the challenge 'So now that you on the voice 'Wesu' gon do?' Wesu didn't miss a beat, in fact, he dropped one beatboxing, asked the band for some Caribbean chords and Will and Wesu starting to freestyle. In it, Will even sang, 'Gimme gimme some Caribbean chords. Oh Lord! Oh oh Lord! Wesu you on Team Will... Me and you gonna get the game and kill...' 

The audition recording was posted on The Voice UK YouTube channel yesterday.

Loop chatted with Wesu yesterday after his audition had finally aired, and Barbadians were going crazy as they showed him much love and support.

He told Loop the backstory that led to the audition.

"The song was chosen by The Voice producers. I sent an application in around April 2017 and got confirmation in May. Had my first Auditions in June. The next phase was to be selected for the Blind Auditions and that was in August. I had to fly from Barbados both times. The Blind Auditions rehearsals and so on were in October so I had to fly again."

Wesu was actually born and raised in Zimbabwe but he did secondary school in Barbados. He attended Mapp’s College, Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary School and The Alexandra School. However, with a smile he said most people thought he attended Kolij; "Spent my final years of secondary school just being at Harrison College."

So, Wesu was very precise when he said that he lives in Barbados and is not from Barbados to the judges. The 36-year-old admitted that in terms of nationality, "The only nationality I actually hold is British. I am an immigrant of Barbados and hold immigrant status."

After his audition, he said, "I felt empowered being chosen by Will." As to what inspired him back in April of last year, he said, "I didn’t have motivation to apply, I just wanted to see if I have a shot to give the World what I have to offer."

Once he had gotten through he said his family were the first ones he notified. "We were all jumping up and down at the prospect of it all."

In addition to Barbadians cheering him on on social media, even visitors who had heard Wesu sing on island when he was working on the hotel circuit were quick to add in their support as well.

On Instagram a grateful Wesu said: 

"Thank you every single person for all the support that you’ve given me so far!! I couldn’t do it without you believing in me!! This journey is exciting and like a dream come true. I’ll keep the fire burning for as long as I can. You are all BEAUTIFUL"

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