Friday 26 April, 2019

Barbados101: Lil Rick’s Bajan ABC

Grew up in the 80’s or early 90’s?

Yes, then you would have heard this track plenty. However, if you’re a late 90’s or millennial baby then this song falls in your ‘old dub’ category.

In the early 1990s, Ricky 'Lil Rick' Reid demonstrated his skill as a lyricist when he ‘pelted’ some serious lyrics fast and furiously in this track ‘ABC’.

Not sure how it goes well Loop took the time to type out most of the lyrics for you guys.

“Wunna know wunna ABC? Well this is a new story, I gonna teach it differently. Get wunna pen and wunna paper. Form a line and follow me.”

Then according to reports, Brian Carter sang the hook which went, “ABC, listen attentively, new style Lil Rick come to teach de lil kiddies…”

Here is the Lil Rick style ABC:

A – Agriculture

B – Black man working hard nonstop when he get old, nutten he ain’t got

C – Calypso, lemmuh wuk up

D – Devaluation they can’t stop

E – Errol Barrow, Baje I hope you aint forgot that he lift up you country and push it to top

F – De food dat in muh pot

G – Garrison Savannah de fun spot

H – Horse racing and Cockspur Gold Cup

I – Industry and Pride dat we got clean beaches

J – Jehovah, forget Jesus not, live clean and praise Jah ‘round de clock

K -  Kadooment jump-up time come. Let we jump from de Stadium tuh Spring Garden

L – That is fuh liberation

M – Mandela, after suh long yuh free at last

N – NIFCA, a cultural promotion, display local and natural creation

O – That is fuh occupation but people losing jobs and some can’t get none

P – People working in de plantation hot sun, they can’t done ‘cause dey got to feed their young

Q – Quakers the first organization to protest against slavery for de poor man

R – That is for Revelation, de Bible fulfilling repent evil hand

S – Slavery, they say that it done, but black man still can’t overcome

T – Tribulation, in this time poor man facing affliction

U – Unity, that is the plan, Black and white come together as one

V – Vanity, I can’t understand, man steal from man just to get de upper hand

W – Well that is for de woman, life-bearer, man’s queen, his companion

Y – De younger generation

Z – Zion, it is de promise land, but sinners can’t enter Jah Kingdom, watch out!

Do you think that his alphabet still applies to Barbados in 2016? What's your favourite letter?

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