Friday 18 September, 2020

Beat the Heat: How to deal with hot flashes in Menopause

Living in the Caribbean where it is boiling hot one minute and humid the next after a burst of rain is generally unbearable to most. But for women experiencing hot flashes as a result of menopause, it is pure hell.

While you can’t do anything to stop them, hot flashes can be managed with just a few techniques.

Here are eight ways you can try to beat the heat.

1) Exercise: Exercise is said to increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are lower when menopause kicks in so get moving.

2) Cut out caffeine and alcohol: The North American Menopause Society says that caffeine elevates levels of cortisol, the “stress” hormone which in turn can bring on a hot flash. Alcohol also lowers your quality of sleep.

3) Dress light: Wear clothing with fabric that breathes and won’t trap the heat. Choose clothes that are loose so you feel comfortable when an episode strikes.

4) Eat healthy: Make wise choices when it comes to food. A healthy diet will help you to shed pounds and that is good for dealing with hot flashes. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2010, losing weight could help you lose your hot flashes. 

5) Pamper yourself: Schedule some spa days, get a massage, a facial and a pedicure. Pampering will help you to relax, which is great for relieving hot flashes.

6) Get acupuncture: According to the scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, eight weeks of acupuncture can cut the lifespan of menopause, averaged at around seven years, in half.

7) Get hypnotised: A study conducted by researchers at Baylor University’s Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory and funded by the National Institutes of Health showed that hypnosis reduced hot flashes by as much as 74 percent in a study.

8) Breathe: Practice deep breaths or engage in relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. Anxiety makes hot flashes worse.

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