Friday 13 December, 2019

Beauty store shoplifter placed on bond

A woman who shoplifted one item from a beauty store and hid it in another beauty store was placed on a six month bond to keep the peace. 

First time offender Francina Yvette King pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of Bio Claire Oil belonging to Beauty Exchange Inc trading as Beautylicious. This offence occurred on July 15, 2019.

The prosecution, in the No. 2 District "A" Magistrates' Court, outlined the facts. They said 48-year-old King, of Pitwick Gap, Westbury Road, St Michael, went into the store and asked to use the phone.

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While on the cordless phone she made her way to a certain aisle within the store. At that time she was carrying a black pouch bag and a blue plastic bag.

It was the noise of items falling that alerted the security guard in the store. When the guard checked, he saw King picking up the items and placing the oil in the plastic bag she was carrying.

When confronted, King refused to be searched and left the store.

Video footage was examined and King was seen committing the offence. When she was apprehended by police, King led them to Paradise Beauty Supply Store and showed them where she placed the oil.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant imposed the bond which, if breached, carries a $750 forthwith fine or four-week prison sentence.

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