Sunday 20 September, 2020

Bermuda Heroes Weekend celebrates fifth anniversary with extra days

Bermuda Heroes Weekend (BHW) Carnival turns five this year.

And to celebrate this milestone, BHW will be extended to ten days.

From June 7 to June 17, there will be a full table of events, which will cater to the tastes and enjoyment of all ages. From family gatherings and a special teen-only party to strictly adult affairs, BHW will have everyone making merry for a full ten days. 

Dubbed the "Fastest Growing Carnival in the World", BHW began as an idea with the BHW Ltd. team’s mission to give the Bermudian people their own unique version of Carnival.

The team saw the tremendous love Bermudians had for their culture as well as the people’s need for a vehicle to express those feelings.

BHW 2019 will officially launch from January 18 to 20 with the island’s three bands, NOVA Mas International, Code Red BDA, and Party People Mas, unveiling their costumes and themes.

NOVA Mas International will portray REVELATIONS…The Lost Civilizations. A description of the theme said that on this transcendent voyage, you will discover an astonishing truth.

“The great civilizations we have all revered, never vanished, they were simply transformed. They guarantee a magical journey, where masqueraders following the signs, will surely fulfill an ancient prophecy,” said a release from BHW.

Code Red BDA will be drawing from the vibrant light of our blazing sun to lift masqueraders to heights and pleasures untold for their presentation of Natural Mystic while Party People Mas are pulling no punches for their presentation Beautiful Beast. 

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