Wednesday 21 October, 2020

The best places in the Caribbean to eat these dishes

People come to the Caribbean to enjoy sun, sea and sand. But with its mix of cultures and rich history, the Caribbean is definitely the place you want to experience culinary pleasure.

While many of the islands share common dishes, each island boasts of being the best when it comes to certain foods.

Here are the foods you definitely want to experience in certain islands.

Jerk chicken

You can find jerk chicken anywhere but you really want to eat it in Jamaica to truly appreciate what jerk is supposed to taste like.


With its large East Indian population, Trinidad and Tobago is the mecca for roti in the Caribbean. You can get a Dhalpuri roti (chickpea roti stuffed with an array of fillings) or a Paratha roti known locally as buss up shut.


Guyana is the home of Pepperpot, a dish derived from the Amerindians comprising stewed meat,  strongly flavoured with cinnamon, cassareep (a special sauce made from the cassava root) and other basic ingredients, including Caribbean hot peppers.

Oil down

When it comes to this dish, Grenadians boast of doing it best and it is considered the national dish. Oildown is a hearty one-pot meal of salted meat, chicken, dumplings, breadfruit, callaloo - made from young dasheen leaves and other vegetables. The ingredients are stewed in coconut milk, herbs and spices.


Oistins, a fishing town on Barbados’s South Coast, is where you want to be especially on Friday night for some of the best fried fish you’ll ever eat. Oistins is an active fishing town on the south coast where you can get fish of all varieties, tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi and flying fish as well as lobster. You can get your fish grilled or fried depending on which vendor you choose from and it's all cooked on the spot in front of you. 


Saltfish and Green Fig

Hailed as the national dish of St Lucia, this dish celebrates the banana, St Lucia’s main export. Chase down with some Campari, the most popular drink on the island.

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