Saturday 8 August, 2020

BHTA CEO: Jamaican market opens up Barbados to ‘good benefits’

BHTA CEO, Senator Rudy Grant

BHTA CEO, Senator Rudy Grant

With Barbados’ tourism product being pursued by more millennials after years of being sought after by the more mature visitor, one tourism official is of the opinion that the upcoming Caribbean Airlines direct flight to Barbados from Kingston, will open up a gateway to a crucial new segment of tourists.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), Senator Rudy Grant told the media:

““I do believe Jamaica does provide significant opportunities for us to reach a market segment that is growing and given the fact that the market dynamic is changing as well, I do think that we can see some good benefits coming out of this market.”

Speaking to Barbados media while in Jamaica at The Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, he shared:

“There is a function that happens where loyalty visitors are recognised for coming to Barbados for 50 years, 60 years, some people coming 100 times and that kind of stuff, and what you’ll recognise is that a lot of those visitors are the older visitor but the reality is that there is a change in the market. You’re seeing a lot of younger persons travelling, a lot more technology-savvy individuals travelling as well, and we do have to as we look to expand our tourism industry to look at the opportunities that exist, and I think that Jamaica does provide a good opportunity for all segments of the market, not only at the upper end of the market.”

Grant explained that by way of this new link in the Caribbean transportation chain, Barbados can effectively go after the budget segment, the A &B Class, the apartments, those for villas and the adventurous traveller who wants to experience our wide variety of attractions that we have as well.

In addition, he holds hope that not only will the places of attractions appeal to Jamaicans, but also as the Culinary Capital he believes that Bajan cuisine will entice and encourage a lot of Jamaicans to visit too.

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