Sunday 31 May, 2020

BHTA wants law to enforce accommodation standards

CEO of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA), Rudy Grant.

CEO of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA), Rudy Grant.

Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), Rudy Grant, wants legislation to be put in place to oversee the accommodation being provided to visitors to Barbados.

Grant says while they do not fear competition from international online hospitality service, AirBnb, or any other local company providing alternative service, there is a need for such accommodations to adhere to standards as members of the BHTA do.

“I am not speaking about someone who is offering accommodation once in an entire year, but there are persons who are consistently providing accommodation to visitors to Barbados," he outlined.

"We do have a concern as it relates to brand Barbados because we have to ensure that the appropriate standards are in place and we have to ensure that the persons providing accommodation adhere to the standards."

Grant said it is not just small operators but also some significant luxury operators facilitating accommodation.

He says it is important that in the same manner hotels are regulated and required to comply with certain rules that similar requirements are applied to other entities offering accommodation.

“We also believe that there needs to be a level playing field and that those entities need to pay their fair share of taxes,” a concerned Grant noted.

According to him, the tourism industry can support all the players, but he stressed the need for fairness and transparency and the need for all to be regulated as he repeated the call for them to pay their fair share of taxes.

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