Monday 25 March, 2019

Big people got ROASTed

Roast was vibes

Roast was vibes

By Ayisha Moore-Niles

Roast Entertainment Beach J'ouvert 2018 was a real colourful, sandy, big people party with 'real vibes, real vibes. Everything nice!'

Lil Rick did not lie as he sang his Breakfast in Bed track with the morning light and sunrise as the backdrop for his performance and the event.

Orange an even blend of red and yellow which portrays a feeling of warmth, joy, sunshine, freedom, creativity, happiness and fun! The Roast team did well choosing this as the colour scheme for this time around.

Hosted at the Carlisle Bay Center, patrons did not let the colour down as they partied, drank, laughed and enjoyed every moment for the event.

LOOP reached the venue around 3:30 am. The breakfast stalls were already in place close to the entrance. However, the Roast family was on their worst behaviour and oblivious to the fact.

There was a SloMo selfie station where many patrons were dancing and frolicking while their videos were being created. There was also a 45-foot slide. It seemed like everybody went up and down the slide, some even ‘split in the middle’ and came down. Adulting was put on hold for a hot minute.

Sometime after 4:00 am, Scrilla hit the stage to perform and the crowd's energy went from 100 to 1000! He sang his 2017 hit Playing with my head, and his 2018 Bashment Anthem. He then brought Coopa Dan on the stage and he gave the instructions to all the women to Get short.

Shortly after, the man who brings hit after hit continuously hit the stage. Lil Rick created a choir as people sang along. He had people at Carlisle Bay rushing to deliver on his lyrics 'I did waan wuk up pon you eva since.' Then they followed his instructions to Ben' it. He finished his performance and went into the crowd as the official bumper inspector.

Some morning showers cooled the session but they went unnoticed by most patrons. Mali Fresh and Scott le Roc took the event to a close and the energy way up. Scott, took some orange powder from a feter and started to fling it into the crowd and Mali fresh blazed the hits.

For the patrons whose bellies began to rumble, the breakfast stations were pumping as the food flowed. Patrons were treated to buljol, bakes, plantain being fried fresh on the spot and soup. Some filled up and hit the road while others returned to party till the last song played around 7:00 am.

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