Thursday 22 August, 2019

Biker Chad deserves nothing less than a king's send-off

Chad Williams gone but not forgotten by his family and famalay.

Chad Williams gone but not forgotten by his family and famalay.

The young, the old and persons of all ages in between who knew Chad Williams loved him and by his actions he showed he loved them right back.

Top of this list though was his world - Zae Zae, his young daughter. 

The week Chad Williams died in a St. Peter road accident, so many pieces in the puzzle towards his success were falling into place. Talking to his "brother" Berto in The City near Chad's home, it was clear to Loop Community that as he said, blood was the only thing that stopped them from being related. They both lost their mothers earlier in life and they both wanted the best for their children in this life as they moved from childhood together. "[Blood] that is the only thing that would separate me from him," said Berto.

On Sunday, there was small candlelight vigil in the community that started in Vine Street and went through the streets around Nelson Street in The City. Speaking on this, Berto said that the gathering of neighbours in no way truly showed how many lives Chad touched.

"This man was loved in every part. In every part, this man was loved. When you see this man it was all love.

"This man got family. This man had people that would lay down their life for him anytime."

Dispelling the myth that he didn't have family, Berto stressed:

"He was loved by everybody. This man was a king. This man was a legend. I mean at 28 this man was so much things - inspiration to people: small ones, big people, it got old heads, people older than Chad not saying that they had to look up to him or nothing, but I mean that this man used to give people things that done past this way already, had their opportunity and squander it and he now coming now like a saviour."

Chad was loved by everybody they echoed. They laughed remembering how Chad used to cackle at jokes, to the point where the joke would be done and then everyone would still be left laughing at Chad's cackle. They even talked about his elderly neighbour 'Ms. Gadaffa' who if she ever wanted anything do, Chad was there. Up to the other day he went for gas for her. "Chad in a haste to get this thing do fuh her. 

"It is hard to give this man anything less than a real send-off, a king's send-off." 

And his life's work won't end now, pledged his "brothers".

"People talking, but I myself, I know what he left for me to do and what he left for me to do is way more valuable than anything he had - the chains, the cars, all what people talking about, you see that little girl? That was that man world, and another world too," explained Berto. 

Admitting Chad learned some tough lessons in life too, he said but each one taught him to get on the right path. "We used to say, you see de children? Everything fuh dem. Wuh we's do, we's hustle, whatever we's do, it fuh dem children. Dem children is what we do this thing for."

Photo caption: Some of the persons in The City community who walked with their candles burning bright during Sunday's candlelight vigil for Chad Williams.

Moved almost to tears, Berto composed himself and added, "Everything happens for a reason.

"And I know what he did want and that is nothing but de best this man would want fuh de children and himself. There is no other way that this man got to get put down than like a king, no other way."

He was currently working on his home, renovating it and working to build a shop with a bar to the side where he and his boys could relax, chill, lime and watch sports especially motorcycle racing on TVs, Berto shared that this along with his dream to grow and register his new business Advanced Windshield were his last two projects that he was working hard to achieve at the present moment.

Chad's dad had given him his blessing to do the work on the home on his own. "He was progressing, making a better life fuh we, making sure that when is de children time they ain't got to worry bout nuttin. So in that, he was doing over the house or whatever, de father [Adrian] had seen that and had come to an agreement with Chad and tell Chad, ''Ort, if this is what you waan do. So be it. De house is yours. Do whatever you wanna do wid it.' [...] He would come down and look for Chad, but it's not to say that he used to stay in that house. He had no problem with what Chad was doing. He was going to get out of his way and let Chad handle his business....

"It was all now coming together. De man was now starting. De man was now starting to do what we say we gonna do. The world wasn't ready for what was going to be coming - joy, happiness, I mean just... You see the windshield business here? That is something that Chad had start. That is something that he would want go on. That was de man everything. He end up spending money to get tools and toolbox and thing and de man end up going to get de logo and thing and start to digitize so that you can get the cards and things like that."

Glen said that that same week of March 5, 2019, when Chad died, he had found a van he thought would be perfect for transporting the windshields but it got sold before he could purchase it. "Chad was so offset. He had wanted to have a business van so bad."

But the pair now see and agree that they have to advance the business in his name.

Berto said, "that to show how things just keep falling into place", yesterday when he returned home, his father told him "You know what you gotta do! It there." Berto's father was referring to a van that his grandfather had gifted him a while back, which was left unused and exposed to the elements. Berto's father told them, "You have to use it for the business." 

This all made Glen reflect on Chad's favourite line, which was "Yuh see drip drip?" To which Berto replied, "Mek bucket overflow."

Glen said that Chad would always say the world ain't build in one day, the Lord could have build it in one day but he didn't. The Lord took six days and rest on one. "Yuh ain't got to save a thousand dollars to get a millionaire, you could save 10 dollars and get there."

Berto pleaded, for anyone who is not on the path like them, like the one that Chad was on towards growth, self-motivation and success, he said that through Chad's story, his life and his legacy, "I hope that this here now would show you too... go this way, do this. 

"Everything that is supposed to happen is happening."

He said all now Chad must be up in Heaven next to God saying, "'I got to move. I got to do this here. I got to see my people smiling and doing what they supposed to do.' 

"We ain't got nothing to gain through this here. All o' we at loss. The most valuable thing to us is at loss - and that is Chad, you see bar that little girl, nothing else ain't matter to me."

Smiling, Glen said, he remembers most recently driving near Frere Pilgrim with Chad and he saw the Equestrian school and stables, and he said, "You, I gaw get Zae in some these prestigious sports, like this horse jumping. He was that sorta man. She does ballet and thing so. He just wanted to be known as a businessman."

And Berto echoed, "a good businessman with a very interesting story that was spicy, that would always make people think, this man really do things."

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