Monday 22 July, 2019

Birthday Big Up: DJ Kofi 'Slashsoundz' Jones reaching new heights

Kofi Jones

Kofi Jones

With a new King being crowned Stoli' Most Original DJ for 2018, Loop caught up with the 2017 winner and it was his birthday as well.

Happy 27th birthday DJ Kofi 'Slashsoundz' Jones!

So, what has life been like for Stoli's Most Origional DJ for 2017 since earning the title? 

According to the multifaceted individual, it has been a progressive year.

He interned at Slam 101.1 FM, which he admitted was an even better experience than he thought it was going to be. This was part of his winnings.

"Winning the Stoli DJ Competition gave me the opportunity to play at several events. My favourite by far and I am shameless to say is Limerz Cruise! I have currently no affiliation with them but it was by far THE BEST event I've ever attended," he told Loop.

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Although it was somewhat of a let down when he found out that the radio station was full at the time, Jones found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when he recently met up with an online radio site who is interested in doing a program with him on Tuesday evenings.

And until then, the multitalented DJ has his hands full!

1) Following the competition, Jones began co-hosting a podcast called INO (Information, Knowledge, Observation) where he speaks about current events and fashion.

2) He also continues to DJ at events across the island along with doing freelance photography/videography and writing occasionally.

3) Recently, Jones has done a lot of work with ZGE Magazine and Gine On Magazine, the latter producing a top ten music show he hosts aptly called Top Ten Talk.

Despite his many talents, however, he professed that DJing will always be a joy of his!

"I DJ professionally but it's also a joy of mine. I just dropped some serious money on equipment as a treat for myself for my birthday! It's an obsession at this point!" 

So what's next besides possibly the online slot?

Short-Term Goal

"My short-term goal is to start monetizing the INO podcast and market myself better as a DJ."

Long-Term Goal

"My long-term goal may be kind of a shock to people who don't know me personally, but I'm passionate about producing quality content for public television broadcast. I have ideas of shows that I just need help getting off the ground that I'd love to see on air in a capacity that anyone can see."

Happy Birthday, Kofi!

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