Thursday 9 July, 2020

Birthday Big Up: DJ Mali Fresh is anxious now, not nervous, to perform

Happy Birthday Mali Fresh!

Happy Birthday Mali Fresh!

It's [David] Jamal Newton, alias DJ Mali Fresh's birthday and he feels like 'Hulk!'

Go figure! We're sure, females are thinking 'Yes, any excuse for him to take off his shirt'. And we know this because with some of you, the thirst is real and very obvious over on Mali's Instagram page.

But for those of you who don't know Mali, we chatted with the Christ Church Foundation School graduate and got to know him a little better for your sakes.

Loop asked him where the stage name came from? "Nickname was always Mali but a friend of mine kept calling me Mali Fresh for no reason so I just ran with it," he explained.

Mali is one of those DJs on island for whom it started as "just a hobby. I did it at home but then my friends kept telling me I'm wasting my talent and should try to get out there and make a name for myself as a DJ." 

Not one to only stand behind the turntables anymore, 'Mali Hulk' has attained a personal goal of stepping out and speaking up in front of people. He confessed, "I preferred selecting because I have a slight stammer, so back in the beginning that made me nervous. Bear in mind when I'm on the mic the stammer is non-existent." He said with a chuckle. Mali used to be nervous before performing "but now not so much. Especially if it was for a big crowd... I feel more anxious now than anything else."

Here are five things many people don't know about DJ Mali Fresh:

1. My first name is actually David.

2. I enjoy staying home and doing nothing sometimes, and 'yes' I do have shirts at home (lol).

3. I love Spanish music. 

4. I'm actually very easy to approach and talk to despite popular belief.

5. I need cooking lessons.

Mali's life's motto is 'Chance favours the prepared mind'.

Over the next year, besides seeing him taking stage after stage, especially with the upcoming Crop Over season, he is dedicated to being known more internationally as a DJ and wants to do more travelling. "I also would like to get into producing as well."

Happy Birthday, DJ Mali Fresh!

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