Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Birthday Big Up: Kevin ‘Bubbles’ Marshall hits a quarter Century

Kevin 'Daddy Bubbles' Marshall

Kevin 'Daddy Bubbles' Marshall

Today Kevin Marshall alias 'Bubbles' turns 38!

So how does Loop mean that he hit a quarter Century? Keep reading, speedy!

Bubbles also called ‘Daddy Bubbles’ is part of the A-class production team behind Studio B. Beyond dj-ing and mic-ing, Bubbles also produces quality music.

In the past Bubbles has said that he got his first big break from The General, Edwin Yearwood. And Yearwood today on his Facebook page posted a photo of himself and Marshall and captioned it:

“Happy birthday to my bredren fuh life! Daddy Bubbles have a great day”. So far it has over 30 likes and more birthday wishes in the comments too.

Today, Bubbles can be heard on weekday mornings on SLAM 101.1 FM and though he’s quite well known, here are some things you might not know about the former Lodge School student.

Daddy Bubbles told Loop:

1. “I am shy… no, really, I am shy!”

2. “I no longer eat chicken. I haven’t eaten chicken in about four years.”

3. “I’m spiritually rich…accepting donations to be financially so too!” Clearly he has a unique sense of humour as well.

4. “Started DJ-ing at 13, making 2018 25 years not out.”

5. “My birthday celebration Bacannal and Water is in part a fundraiser for Pedro Belgrave who is trying to raise money for a much-needed eye surgery in Cuba.”

Happy birthday, Bubbles!

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