Thursday 9 April, 2020

Birthday Big Up: The Mighty Gabby marks a milestone with protest

Chief Anthony Carter (Facebook image)

Chief Anthony Carter (Facebook image)

Dr. Anthony 'The Mighty Gabby' Carter reaches the big 7-0!

Barbados' Cultural Ambassador has been penning impactful lyrics for decades and he's not intending to stop now.

With an ongoing issue on beach privatization popping its head up once again, The Mighty Gabby is putting his lyrics to work once again. Jack is back!

The Ambassador is leading a protest at St. Philip's Crane Beach tomorrow entitled 'Dah Beach is Mine'. It is set to be a picnic for a cause. The beach vendors at that location have been complaining in the media about the injustices being meted out to them. They are being pushed around, their property is being removed and locked away, and they are working with less space now as the hotel has stretched out its beach chair placement over the years.

But Gabby is saying 'enough is enough' and he is calling on like-minded locals and visitors alike to join him tomorrow to protest peacefully.

Crane Beach on Good Friday

On Facebook, under the event, it states:

"Registered vendors are being prevented from making an honest dollar, locals are being chased away from beaches, beach bars and restaurants are privatising in an attempt to encourage a members-only product! Gone are the days where you can find a spot to play a good game of beach cricket with your children... Let's reclaim our beaches in a peaceful yet just manner! Bring your family, food, drinks, beach chairs, you name it. Come out to enjoy an old-time Bajan Saturday picnic with The Mighty Gabby!"

Seventy is clearly not the time for The Mighty Gabby to hang up his boots. He's still ready to grab his guitar, look at an issue and hit it however he can.

Happy 70th Sir

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