Saturday 14 December, 2019

Birthday Big Up: Retired NFL player, Ramon Harewood shares big news

Ramon Harewood is the second Barbadian to win a Super Bowl ring.

Ramon Harewood is the second Barbadian to win a Super Bowl ring.

Retired NFL player, Barbados’ Ramon Harewood turns 31!

One day before Super Bowl LII, Loop asked the birthday guy who he has to win tomorrow, and laughing out loud, he said, “Anybody but Patriots.” The showdown is between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Ramon used to play for the Baltimore Ravens and he actually has a Super Bowl ring. Asked if he misses it, he laughed and sarcastically said, “Do I miss the beating my body takes? No... The camaraderie? Yes!”

Here are five other things you may not know about him:

1. He’s a beast in the kitchen, and his favourite dishes to prepare are salmon gravy and rice or lasagna.

2. He thinks passion fruit juice is the best thing on Earth

3. His mindset is to win everything regarding life.

4. I read every day, at least two to three books a month 

5. One piece of advice he has for his child is “Victory belongs to the most persevering.”

Oh, and that reminds us, he has allowed us at Loop to make his big announcement. The bonus thing you may not know about Ramon is according to him, “My greatest accomplishment will be the birth of my son in a couple months!”


Happy birthday, Ramon Harewood.

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