Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Birthday Big Up: Sheldon Papp balances DJ-ing and fatherhood

Sheldon Papp

Sheldon Papp

It's Sheldon Papp's birthday!

You may have seen him on the 1s and 2s at popular events during the Crop Over 2019 season like We Ting, Native, Touchdown, Block Oh and Let’s Cruise. You may have also heard him spin tunes on Slam 101.1 FM on Friday evenings from 6pm - 9pm and on Saturday evenings from 3pm - 6pm during the Liberation Invasion.

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But did you know that this Disc Jockey is also a devoted father to a budding four-year-old named Amerie?

Loop decided to make this a birthday big up with a spin. Instead of the usual five things you may not know about Sheldon Papp we decided to introduce our readers to Paap the dad. 

So what has life been like since his daughter came into his life? "My daughter is four years old and she taught me to be patient and more loving," Papp told Loop.

However, Amerie is not the only one doing the teaching in this father-daughter relationship.

Although the young father professed that he can never say 'no' to her, he has done his utmost best to instil certain values in his little girl. "I try to teach her to value certain things in life, to be mannerly and respectful and to be herself."

Asked if he is the type of father who believes in gifts only on birthdays and for Christmas, he said 'no', he for sure doesn't mind spoiling her with love and lots of presents. He says he enjoys doing such actually.

So being a DJ who is in demand with his selection skills, is a Catch-22 for the entrepreneur. Loving to spend time with his daughter on the one hand,  Papp often finds himself having to leave his daughter at home and head to work to make sure he can provide for her. But he stresses, "it is worth it".

He said, "balancing between being a dad and a DJ can be a bit challenging. For example, going to jobs back to back, just coming home to change outfits, and hearing ‘Daddy work again?’ can be heartbreaking knowing that my daughter misses me but still I have to make sure I provide for her."

Happy 29th birthday Sheldon Papp! You're wearing the dad-hat well so far.

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