Monday 25 May, 2020

Birthday Big Up: Terry 'Mexican' Arthur turns 5-0!

Terry 'Mexican' Arthur and his mom.

Terry 'Mexican' Arthur and his mom.

Terry 'Mexican' Arthur has reached the milestone of 50 years today!

One of the Founders of the soca band 'Square One', not disbanded, this team of artistes gave the world great hits as they toured the globe flying the Bajan flag high.

Also one of the creators behind 'Love Day' Mexican is nothing, if not giving. Always willing to share and give back, Mexican is a First Class Barbadian citizen who understands the true meaning of nation-building.

Loop asked the birthday guy for every decade under the sun, what's a lesson he has learnt and with a big smile and little thought, he said:

1) The first 10 years I learnt the importance of family and friends. My Parents went away when I was very young. I was raised by the extended family - grandparents, uncle and aunts. I had lots of friends who gave me lots of fun times. Friends are important to me. My family is my foundation. I am very close to my sister Francesca although we grew up miles apart.

2) Between 10 and 20 years old, I had made a firm decision to be a musician and I learned the importance of believing in yourself and working hard at your craft. At 17-years-old I worked on a cruise ship playing music and also learned how to be independent.

3) Between 20 to 30, I joined Square One and learned the full meaning of the word 'band' - a family working together. I also learned about places around the world, different cultures and I also fell in love with Barbados more.

4) Between 30 to 40, I learnt about how precious life really is; seeing my friends' parents and some of my family pass away. I learnt to ''Enjoy Life, we just passing through''. These are words that I would always say. Enjoy the simple things and special moments in life.

5) In this last 10, between 40 and 50, I learnt about the importance of giving back. I have had such a great life. I was in the top soca band in the World for years travelling from here to Africa and in between, and I really wanted to give back, so I started the Love Day Project to bring some smiles and joy around Barbados - toys for children, gifts, music. Spread cheer in a simple but effective way; sharing what we have. I have also learnt about inner peace - no sweating the small stuff; taking every day as it comes. If I can help somebody as I pass along then my living shall not be in vain.

Hats off to Terry 'Mexican' Arthur! We hope many take a leaf out of his book as they live this thing called life.

Happy 50th Mexican!

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