Monday 25 May, 2020

Birthday Big Up: Toni Thorne is another year wiser

(PHOTO: Kween Kamilah)

(PHOTO: Kween Kamilah)

Toni Thorne, entrepreneur and TV Show host with a charitable heart and role as the Vice Chief Barker (Vice President) of Variety the Children'sCharity in Barbados, turns 31 today!

Many see the outside, the glamour and the glitz, but few know the journey and toils before the successes and gains.

That's why this year as she thanked God for yet another year on this Earth, Toni took a moment to share some of the huge life lessons that she has learned on her 31-year journey so far.

One of the brains behind WeTing and the Founder of Sweetheart sandals, Toni has definitely learned 'Time is longer than twine' and 'Once bitten, twice shy, three times yuh is a bloody idiot', along with some of other pearls of wisdom.

Here are 10 of the 31 things that Toni shared recently:

1) "BUT GOD!"

2) A person's character is more attractive than his or her possessions.

3) When we are truly happy, we have little time to post about our happiest moments.

4) People will always remember how we made them feel.

5) Everyone has a story worth telling. Cultivate relationships, friendships and projects with people who are not like you.

6) Manners isn't a cardio class. "Good morning" "please" and "thank you" can take us further than a college degree in some instances.

7) What we have been taught about the success formula is obsolete.

8) Do what we love AND what we are best at and success will be sure.

9) Create your own footprints. Do not walk in anyone's shadow unless it's a mentor and for a calculated amount of time.

10) Fall in love. Choose love. Embrace love.

Reconising that the purpose of life is not to compete with others, but to put family first because it is important, and don't show out on social media while loving yourself completely as well, here's to 31 and fab!

Happy Birthday Toni Thorne, Ms. It's best to overdress; cheers to life!

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