Monday 6 July, 2020

Black women who have made our lives more comfortable

February is designated as Black History Month but for people of African descent, we celebrate our greatness every month of the year!

Today Loop Lifestyle focuses on black female inventors who have help to make our lives easier today. 

1. Dr Shirley Jackson- She was the first African American woman to earn her PhD in nuclear physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her work has assisted in the field of telecommunications. As a result, the world benefited from fibre-optic cable, call waiting, caller ID, the portable fax and the touch tone telephone.

2. Madam C J Walker- Walker was born on a plantation to parents who were freed slaves. She invented a line of hair care products specifically for African Americans after she suffered from significant hair loss. This business eventually branched into manufacturing cosmetics and training sales beauticians.

3. Patricia Bath- In 1981, Patricia Bath invented a surgical tool called the ‘Laserphaco Probe’. This tool was used during eye surgery to help persons who suffered from cataract.

4. Marie Van Brittan Brown- She was the inventor of the first home security system. It is reported that she felt unsafe in her home and wanted more protection therefore leading to her invention. She created a radio-controlled wireless system which would transfer the image to a monitor, or set of monitors, positioned anywhere in the residence.

At the monitor, a resident could not only see who was at the door, she could also talk with that person via a set of two-way microphones. A remote control option allowed her to lock or unlock the door from a safe, or more convenient distance. 

5. Lyda Newman- Lyda Newman was an African-American inventor and women's rights activist. Newman was a hairdresser and received a patent for an improved model of a hairbrush.  She also fought for women's right to vote, working with well-known women's suffrage activists.


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