Friday 27 November, 2020

BLP plan for Barbados tackles 16 issues; 1 unknown

Crowd at Four Roads, St. John on Thursday night at the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) political meeting.

Crowd at Four Roads, St. John on Thursday night at the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) political meeting.

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has an ‘immediate’ response planned to combat Barbados if they win in the next General Election.

And they are ready to take Barbadians on a “journey to revitalise the Barbados we know and love.”

This was revealed within the leaked Final Draft of the BLP’s manifesto.

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Under the heading, ‘TRANSLATING HOPE INTO OPPORTUNITY & OPPORTUNITY INTO ACTION’, the Manifesto stated that:

“Barbados is in deep crisis.

“Our response must be immediate, bold, decisive, and visionary.

“We must have the courage to make tough choices between what is essential, what is highly desirable, and what is optional.”

And they are promising that their focus initially will be on the short-term.

“The first task of a new Barbados Labour Party Administration will be to confront and solve the immediate national crises currently facing the country, setting clear timelines for finding and applying solutions.

“We will then turn our attention to broader issues of governance and national transformation.”

Therefore the Party has pledged to commit to keeping the country safe, keeping the country healthy, educating and empowering our people, protecting the vulnerable, protecting and preserving our public spaces, building and maintaining our public infrastructure, protecting consumers, fuelling the productive sectors, and protecting Barbados’s global reputation.

So far in the Manifesto, they have divulged 15 “Mission Critical Issues” which will hold their undivided attention because of their significance.

 These are:

1.            FOREIGN RESERVES

2.            DEBT

3.            TAXES

4.            ARREARS

5.            SEWERAGE

6.            PUBLIC TRANSPORT

7.            SANITATION

8.            ROADS

9.            WATER

10.            SUGAR


12.            CRIME & VIOLENCE

13.            TROUBLED YOUTH


15.            CORRUPTION

However, in the manifesto’s draft, it is stated that overall, the BLP has “identified 16 Mission Critical Issues”.

A member of the Party told Loop News that the 16th is still under wraps. The Final Draft documented was dated March 13 and is being shared on social media.

Furthermore, as they seek to translate from hope to opportunity to action ultimately, the Manifesto also “recognises seven essential pillars that support and strengthen Barbados’s national development:


Pillar 2.            GOVERNANCE

Pillar 3.            SOCIETY

Pillar 4.            ECONOMY

Pillar 5.            INFRASTRUCTURE

Pillar 6.            ENVIRONMENT

Pillar 7.            ENGAGING THE WORLD

“For each pillar, we present a series of broad transformational policies we believe will take the country to its next level of development.”

According to the Candidate for St. Joseph, Dale Marshall and the Leader of the BLP, Mia Mottley, they are not fearful or panicking because their draft manifesto is in the hands of Barbadians ahead of time.

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