Monday 3 August, 2020

Blurr Events stand for more than entertainment

Blurr Events is back with its Garden Party and Cruise but Blurr stands for more than partying.

When entertainment was paused due to COVID-19, Blurr showed that they are aware of the plights facing ordinary Bajans. The Blurr team got to work doing some community outreach.

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Adrian Sealy of Blurr told Loop:

"Five families were assisted in our first initiative. We tried to cover all the bases in terms of every necessity, toiletries and so on. The packages contained toilet paper, toothpaste, antibacterial hand soap, deodorant, cleaners, dishwashing liquid, soap powder and foodstuff such sugar, salt, rice, tuna, corned beef, canned vegetables, biscuits, cooking oil, pasta, evaporated milk, mauby and tea."

Asked if any sponsors came on board for the give-back effort, Sealy said: "No sponsors, we did it out of our pockets."

Recognising that the need out there was great, but COVID-19 has exacerbated the issue as many more people are now unemployed, he called on persons to give back too. He said despite some businesses reopening, everyone is not back out to work yet.

"So I still would like to encourage others to join with us and reach more families as requests for help have been pouring in since our first initiative. The problem is really bigger than meets the eye and I believe we should be using our platforms to reach and help others."

Blurr did their first initiative in April and again on June 2, Blurr used its platform to send another clear message demonstrating that it is truly more than simply an event promoter or creator. On BlackOutTuesday, the Instagram page for Blurr went black with the caption: "Enough. We Stand.✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blackouttuesday"

The people behind Blurr accept that social responsibility comes with the territory.

This weekend - July 18 and July 19 is going to be a Blurr. The Blurr Cruise and Garden Party are back on the cards and sold out. 

All safety protocols are in place for the weekend's events as Blurr emphasises safety first.

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