Monday 15 July, 2019

Bridgetown barracks gets facelift

An exterior view of the barracks at Central Police Station.

An exterior view of the barracks at Central Police Station.

The ruin of a building that stood at the Main Guard, The City has been given a much-needed upgrade and is scheduled to be officially opened on July 21 this year.

Police officials, as well as those in the Ministry of Home Affairs, toured a number of sites this morning to view progress on construction work to upgrade and rebuild police stations across the building.

Tyrone Peters, Commercial Manager with Connoisseur Improvement Services (CIS), spoke to the press following the tour of the barracks which can house up to 88 persons.

Due to the state of disrepair of the building, the construction team was forced to replace the entire internal structure including the floors and furnishings.

Peters said the replacement work took almost three-quarters of the project time but he believed it was well worth it to maintain the building as is, as opposed to tearing it down.

“At the end of the day some of these buildings are, to someone who is looking to renovate it, just as expensive as building a new building. Some people may tend to go the way of knocking down these buildings instead of renovating. But my belief is that we should renovate these buildings because it is a part of our history. We should maintain all these buildings and restore them to their former glory.”

Meanwhile, the new Hastings/Worthing Police complex in Christ Church has been given a completion date of January 2018.

Project Manager with the National Insurance Board, George Holder, said the new station will make life easier and more comfortable for police personnel.

Due to budget constraints, Holder noted the station will not be equipped with energy-efficient technology as is the case with the new District D Station in Cane Garden, St Thomas. He added that after officers move into the complex the old properties will be handed over to the Crown.

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