Saturday 26 September, 2020

Brother and sister have weeks to pay up after sports incident

The brother and sister duo who landed themselves in trouble with the law near a primary school sports event, today faced Magistrate Elwood Watts.

Police have arrested and formally charged two siblings in relation to the incident which occurred, yesterday, Wednesday, February 7, 2018, on the pasture, of a secondary school in Christ Church, where a primary school was hosting its annual school sports.

They are Rommel Rishon Clarke 21 years, and Trinia Norella Clarke, 27 years, both of Green Hill Drive, Silver Hill, Christ Church.

Rommel Clarke was charged for the offence of Trespassing.

Whereas, Trinia Clarke was charged for:

·     Assaulting Police Officer in The Execution of Her Duty

·     Obstructing A Police Officer in The Execution of Her Duty

·     Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

·     Criminal Damage 

Police reported that officers had the occasion to speak to a number of adults who were on a section of the pasture engaging in the drinking of alcohol and smoking. These adults were asked to leave the premises. Rommel Clarke was subsequently arrested by police for the offence of Trespassing. Whilst being led away by police, Accused Trinia Clarke intervened and placed herself between her brother and the officers, committing the offences in the process.

The siblings appeared before Magistrate Elwood Watts in the Oistins Magistrates Court, Thursday, February 8, 2018, where they both pleaded guilty to the offences.

Rommel Clarke was fined $200 in 14 days, or 14 days in prison for the offence of Trespassing.

Trinia Clarke was fined $500 in 1 month, or 7 days in prison for the offence of Obstruction, Convicted Reprimanded and Discharged (CRD) for the offence of Assault, $1000 in 14 days or 30 days in prison for the offence of Criminal Damage, and $2000 in 6 weeks, or 6 weeks in prison for the offence of Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

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