Thursday 2 April, 2020

BulliesKill: Rihanna heartbroken over young suicide victims

(L-R) Thirteen-year-old Rosalie Avila, 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis and Rihanna

(L-R) Thirteen-year-old Rosalie Avila, 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis and Rihanna

'Robyn 'Rihanna' Fenty wants parents and guardians to help end bullying.

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With a hashtag '#BulliesKill' Rihanna made the appeal this week after two young girls committed suicide. She posted a photo of the two girls and it read '13 year old Rosalie Avila (left) & 10 year old Ashawnty Davis (right) both committed suicide this week due to being bullied in school. This is devastating, prayers out to both families.

'Check on your siblings, or kids you know..have these conversations! Bullying has to stop!'

On her post, Rihanna captioned the image:

"Just heartbreaking!!!!! We're losing our babies to bullying!!! Teach your kids love and equality. Teach them about the beauty in uniqueness and how to embrace others' differences! 
I can't imagine what the families of these 2 young girls are feeling right now! But my heart breaks for you!!

In just one day, Rih's pos has garnered over 1,000,000 likes.

In the comments, many people are in disbelief over the ages of the suicide victims, especially the 10-year-old.

Vanessaxnoelle wrote: 'They’re so young when I was that age I never thought of something like that'

Sailopath added: '10 year old killing herself?!?! What the **** have we done to this world,man!'

Meanwhile, harlemkatt212 echoed Rihanna's sentiment because the story hit very close to home for her. She was one person who knows firsthand that children of such ages do have these thoughts when facing bullies. Though a lot of people are in disbelief, she said: '10 & 11 do kill themselves. I have a loving home and my 11 yr old attempted suicide bc of bullying. Thank God she failed.'

Furthermore, she responded to another Instagrammer crazyshtick who commented, 'I call BS. 10 year olds do not kill themselves. There is more problems in that home than bullying. Guaranteed'.

The mother harlemkatt212 added that for crazyshtick and others of a similar mindset that it's time to wake up and face reality; 'to those persons Instead of valuing of BS, maybe you should do some research as to how many middle school kids kill them selves because of this Bullying epidemic is happening in this country. #bullyingkills'

Most individuals simply replied with the broken heart emoji, others called the situation "so devastating", "awful", "so sad" and "beyond tragic", while serendity_babe encapsulated the thoughts of many others, writing, 'This is the most heartbreaking story I have ever heard in my life.. I'M SO SORRY for these poor families. Hope this [sic] little angels are resting in peace now and forever."

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