Saturday 11 July, 2020

Businesses told to embrace ban on plastics

Edwin Thirlwell, speaking at the Eco-Pak Biodegradable Expo hosted by BICO Limited.

Edwin Thirlwell, speaking at the Eco-Pak Biodegradable Expo hosted by BICO Limited.

Barbadian businesses are being urged to get on board with the ban on single-use plastics and styrofoam. 

This was the view expressed by BICO Executive Chairman, Edwin Thirlwell, in light of government's proposed ban on plastics scheduled to come into effect on April 1. 

Thirlwell said he anticipates there will be some resistance to the ban when considering prices for styrofoam containers are considerably cheaper than bio-degradable and compostable packaging. 

He noted higher prices will only be in the initial stages of the ban.

"The price will go down as the demand goes up. As the buying habits of the throw-away society changes, you will see it [price ] will settle.

This is the constant changing pattern of the world. We can resist but we can't stop the change, it is going to happen so we might as well embrace it." 

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Kammie Holder, Public Relations Officer of the Future Centre Trust said the proposed ban on plastics is timely and necessary. 

He revealed some food vendors had plans of increasing portion prices "by as much as two dollars". Holder warned Barbadians to be wary of these price gougers.

"She [vendor] said to me that she currently buys 100 containers costing $25 but if she buys the alternative, the non-plastic containers it is going to cost her $30 so she is going to have to increase her price by $2. I want to encourage people to stay far from those greedy persons. There is no way that something that costs you $10 more should have to cause you to pass on $2 for a plate of food."

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