Tuesday 16 October, 2018

Caddle: Too much 'murkiness' in DLP camp

Member of Parliament, Marsha Caddle (standing) and President of the St. Michael South Central branch, Dr. Abdul Mohamed (seated).

Member of Parliament, Marsha Caddle (standing) and President of the St. Michael South Central branch, Dr. Abdul Mohamed (seated).

According to Member of Parliament for St. Michael, South Central, Marsha Caddle, the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) appears to be confused as to which side of the fence they stand on the issue of integrity and corruption.  

Without naming names, Caddle unleashed stinging commentary on the DLP during a branch meeting on Sunday, hinting that the newly-elected President, Verla Depeiza, had displayed questionable behaviour in choosing to stand by former government Minister, Donville Inniss, as he faces three counts of money laundering charges in a US-court.  

“Even as members of the former administration are fighting for their freedom in other jurisdictions, you could have the new leadership of that party- on the one hand, going before the Integrity Commission to make representation that the draft legislation is not adequate then saying that they support that former member as a party. Which one it is? 

Caddle’s criticism came in reference to Depeiza’s comments where she said Inniss was still a member of the party and is innocent until proven guilty.  

Caddle called on Depeiza to clear the air on Inniss, saying “that murkiness is what has him where he is with the latest technology around his ankle, fighting for his freedom.” 

She said the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is committed to a clean Barbados “from the perspective of integrity”, adding the sooner integrity is restored, the sooner investors will return to the country.  

“What we inherited from the last administration was a huge, unyielding bureaucracy that saw tremendous delays in getting things done. So people who were coming to invest just got frustrated and went home." 

“The reason that those delays were encouraged is that you can frustrate people to the point where they are willing to do or give you anything to get their matter expedited. That is why that worked in their favour.” 

She added government will continue to undertake reforms to make the legislation “fit for purpose”.



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