Monday 26 August, 2019

CARIFESTA XIII tabanca is real - ask some Bajans

A visiting delegation at the CARIFESTA XIII Closing Ceremony.
(PHOTO: Richard Grimes)

A visiting delegation at the CARIFESTA XIII Closing Ceremony. (PHOTO: Richard Grimes)

For some Barbadians, after a hectic Crop Over, they loved the buzz and hive of activity that came with CARIFESTA XIII on home soil and even though they’re gearing up for the biggest party in cricket – Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Barbados-leg, some are crying because CARIFESTA has ended.

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Few people focused and got stuck on the hiccups and scheduling issues which came as Tropical Storm Harvey impacted the start of CARIFESTA XIII and the arrival of delegates, but for others, once those minor challenges were ironed out it was pace, pace, nothing but pace.

Loop chatted with some Bajans and below are 17 things they are missing about CARIFESTA XIII already.

1.  "I miss having something to attend every night of the week."

2. A musician said:

“I mostly went to Bay Street… so I miss the music mostly. Haiti I enjoyed the most. It was more than the music, when I think about how rough they had it over the past few years, earthquake and after, I just felt their presentations more, deeper, but all the countries had great performances.”

3. A teacher said:

“I miss the array of choices as it relates to the different exhibitions in the various art disciplines.”

4. A real, real, true, true Bajan foodie said:

“The Johnny cakes… and cod bakes from Antigua. Doubles and the plantain dish from Guyana....ooh!”

5. Some people are going to bed and having nightmares about the garlic grilled lobster that they can’t get in The Village anymore.

6. “I miss driving by Sherbourne and seeing all de flags waving.”

7. “Uh miss jess parking and walking in Sherbourne to bwalk bout and talk tuh anybody or everybody whenever I was free last week.”

8. “I miss having a difficult time choosing an event to go to and don’t mind I was broke, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING at the Grand Market.”

9. “I miss making friends with the regional delegates.”

10. “I would do over de Opening and Closing ceremony. I miss bashing out at dem.”

11. “I felt like I connected with performances and felt like I come from every Caribbean country.”

12. “I missing the comedy of the theatre nights and learning about other cultures on Country Nights.”

13. “I miss hearing all de accents. I could just sit in de Village or walk around the Grand Market listening to how my Caribbean people talk.”       

14. “I miss being up and down like Poonka and he donkey in years gone by. I was up in St. Lucy fuh a movie night, Oistins to rock to de Antiguan band, in de new Daphne Joseph Hackett Theatre few nights and popped cross by de Steel Shed and Frank Collymore Hall before finishing up many a night at de Bay Street Esplanade. I would put sleep on hold again for another 10 days of CARIFESTA. Real talk, fam!”               

15. A TV Host said:

“I honestly miss all the people I reconnected with from the various islands and those I met during the festival.”

16. A dancer added:

"Does missing my friends count? I miss the constant performing. I guess that's how I envision my life to be... My dream life that is...stage after stage after stage. So I miss that with my friends or as I would call them my dance family."

17. "I miss the similarities. Like when I saw that we in many of the islands work with leather but we manipulate it differently. Even like the rasta slippers, I saw some designs out of Guyana that I never saw in Barbados. They weren’t better crafted or more beautiful, just different. I want back that variety."

But one thing is for sure, having experienced CARIFESTA XIII, many a Bajan, especially those who are experiencing the tabanca, are making plans financially to book a 2019 flight to Trinidad for CARIFESTA XIV.

Trinidad ah comin’!

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