Thursday 22 October, 2020

Sarah Monticue is singing her dreams in Cayman

Sarah Monticue

Sarah Monticue

Caymanian adoptee, Sarah Monticue will soon be heating up the airwaves in Cayman.

Having lived in Cayman since 2017, Monticue describes music as her outlet— a refuge into which she pours the emotions of her heart.

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“After fleeing an abusive work environment, where my paycheck was threatened for talking about songwriting too much, I started my life over in the Cayman Islands,” explains the West Bay resident. “It was here that I found the healing and courage to push back against the oppression I had faced.”

Sarah considers music a way to push back against the lie that "you don't matter" by creating a space in which everyone's story matters and each person has value. She firmly believes that we all have gifts and stories to share and that the world is a better place when we do.

“I hope that my music will empower others to break free from toxic and abusive situations to find freedom, healing, and an abundant life!” she exclaims.

This has certainly been the case for her most recent single produced by Matthew Tryba entitled, “Stealing the Keys,” which she released in December along with a lyric video which you can listen to here.

Sarah plans to release a music video at the end of January. She also dreams of collaborating with Lizzo and getting her to rap on a remix of the track.

Monticue is planning to release follow up singles later this year. To keep up-to-date, follow her at

Here are five fun facts about Sarah Monticue:

  1. The self-professed girly girl, was raised in rural Pennsylvania, where she grew up camping with her family every 4th of July. That campground is still one of her favourite places.
  2. She's never had a dog, but if she ever got one, it would be Bassett pup!
  3. If you see Sarah's pinkies, you might think they had been previously broken. They're not. Her crooked pinkies are a genetic trait!
  4. She used to dance competitively and still loves to dance.
  5. If you cry in front of her, she will not feel awkward. She will be grateful you trusted her enough to be real and share your heart with her.

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