Tuesday 4 August, 2020

'Change your life', Magistrate tells convict

A Magistrate encouraged a young imprisoned male to change his life when released.

These were the last words given to Shaquille Akeem Farley after he was sentenced to nine months in prison for a theft charge.

Farley, 23, of 3rd Avenue, Park Road, Bush Hall, St Michael admitted that between July 2 and 3, he stole a wheel barrow and generator worth $4,187 from Amos Springer.

According to the facts, Springer was constructing a house and had the property stored in a galvanised shed. After reports of suspicious activity Springer reported the matter to police. Farley was then seen in possession of the wheel barrow but the generator was never recovered.

Farley tried to convince the court that they were other punishments available to him other than jail.

"There's community service or CRD (conviction, reprimand and discharge)" he said.

He claimed he was not involved in crime for three years prior to the offence and was in need of money at the time he stole the items.

"You never hear about a job..." the magistrate asked, adding that persons made sacrifices in order to make an honest living.

Farley argued that jail was filled with organised crime and he had not learnt anything while being incarcerated. The court heard that Farley spent two years in jail previously and was also placed on a bond in another instance.

The magistrate warned Farley that it will be too late when he realises that years had passed him by, after being in and out of prison.

Farley still claimed it was a "petty" charge and suggested a bond to keep the peace.

"This is not petty, this is serious...a man's house is his castle..it is a big investment," Magistrate Frederick charged.

"Try and change your life" he said after imposing a nine month sentence.



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