Friday 23 October, 2020

Cheek to Cheek: Davene Jonas

Model Avia Bowen taps into her fiercest gaze. (Photos: Shawn Barnes)

Model Avia Bowen taps into her fiercest gaze. (Photos: Shawn Barnes)

Meet Davene Jonas: pro-make-up artist, fashion stylist, fashion designer, illustrator, devout Christian, wife, and experienced creative, who’s been working the industry for the past six years.

‘My legacy is intertwined with my love for fashion, make-up, all things beauty and my love for Christ,’ the up-and-coming make-up artist (MUA) shared.

She’s not just an all-round creative, Jonas understands skin tone, shades, and colours, too.

loopnewsbarbados Cheek to Cheek: Davene Jonas

’Tis the reason the multi-faceted creative can’t sit still. When contacted to create Jamaican avant-garde make-up for the Cheek to Cheek, series, she quickly agreed, no hesitation, no questions, just ‘yeah, sure…when do I start?’

Jonas proved once was never enough and created two looks for the series. This is the kinda energy one appreciates when directing any sort of production.

Since our interaction, she has started a YouTube vlog page to talk beauty and style while continuing to provide countless inspiration for her followers and clients.

Loop Lifestyle picked her brain to understand her ideas of Jamaican avant-garde. Here’s what she had to share…

Loop Lifestyle (LL): What inspired the look, and why?

Davene Jonas (DJ): The looks were inspired by our rich culture and heritage as well as our moral values that have been hidden somewhat due to egotistical beliefs and gains.

When I did the white look I was driven by the unconscious thought that women are required to be beautiful, often silenced, and the reality that women account for the typical rape victims in society.

It was meant to be an outright rebellion against the thought that because women are beautiful, we welcome rape, assault, or anything that we didn't ask for.

LL: Describe your idea of Jamaican Avant-garde.

DJ: I believe the looks speak for themselves. We are bold, driven, fierce people, who adapt and make the best of any situation. With God in our midst, we can do anything.

LL: List your top four tools of the trade.

DJ: The most important is my foundation, most times I stick to Maybelline Stay Matte.

I never leave home without my Real Techniques blending brush.

Clear lip gloss is definitely my go-to, and last but not least my retractable eyebrow pen. 

LL: List two make-up artists that you follow incessantly.  

DJ: I don't have many favourites, but I love Jackie Aina’s make-up artistry.

Secondly, Savannah Sylver, a Jamaican make-up artist living in Asia. 

Jonas’ complexion is similar to Aina’s, which is her primary reason for following the popular YouTuber. The fact that both women have a strong YouTube following gets Jonas inspired. 

LL: What is your go-to lippie?

DJ: My go-to lip product is always clear sticky lipgloss. You can never go wrong with them.

LL: What's your make-up pet peeve?

DJ: OMG! Where do I begin? My time is precious. I absolutely hate when a client keeps me waiting for over 15 minutes. If you give a time that’s what I'm working with and I always try to be early for my appointments.

LL: Who/what inspires your art?

DJ: Being that I'm not only a make-up artist, but my art is also influenced by nature, my natural hair and things or events I encounter daily.

Make-up artiste Micha Bucknor is the next artist in the series. Stay tuned.

Cheek-to-Cheek Avant-Garde Make-up series is a celebration of Jamaican art through various forms of beauty. The series was conceptualised and produced by Kadeem Rodgers and Shawn Barnes. The purpose of the series is to showcase six up-and-coming Jamaican make-up artistes, who have presented their interpretations of avant-garde artistry each week. These alluring images were intended to provoke thought and spark conversations on the myriad interpretations of Jamaican beauty. What comes to mind when you think of Jamaican Avant-Garde? 

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