Sunday 16 June, 2019

Chefette cooks up another Super special to show gratitude

Once again, as Chefette Restaurants Ltd. continues with their 45th Anniversary celebrations they are giving back to their customers.

Tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2018, patrons are in for another surprise as the chef serves up their newest ‘One Day Super Special’.

Managing Director at Chefette Restaurants Ltd. Ryan Haloute told Loop:

“Regarding the One Day Super Special we are offering Sunday, February 4th, 2018, this was chosen as we continue to celebrate the year of our 45th anniversary and to further give back to our customers.  We will be offering huge discounts on our Whole Pizzas and popular Wing Dings special, but full details will be announced on the day of the super special.”

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Persons are on Chefette’s social media quitting their diets and planning to have a cheat meal tomorrow just to be in the mix.

Gaining 48 likes, Wade Alleyne said on Facebook:

"My cheat meal was supposed to be Satdee night, but clearly I pushing it back to Sundee!! #HalouteFuhPM!!"

The last one-day special was on the day of their 45th Anniversary on December 13, 2017. That day customers flocked to the branches and had long lines wrapping around the buildings as persons tried to get a free roti or piece of chicken.

Smiling when reminded of the public response two months ago, Haloute said, “The response we had on December 13th, 2017 for Chefette's 45th Anniversary Special was amazing. We felt very humbled and honoured by the large crowds of customers that patronized our Restaurants. We are extremely grateful for the huge support they showed us.”

At this rate, it seems that the only thing that will top Chefette’s 45 Anniversary celebrations is how they celebrate their next big milestone.

Chefette has promised to announce the Super special tomorrow morning despite many persons guessing and boldly asking on social media.

42 people liked Wayne P Hoyte’s comment. “Buy a platter of wings and get 2 pizzas free? Sounds like a flipping PARTY.... lol.

“I am in!”

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