Monday 10 August, 2020

Chefette Drive-Thru ice cream a taste of 2019 plans

The new Ice Cream To Go comes in a convenient container.

The new Ice Cream To Go comes in a convenient container.

Chefette has given its customers a frozen early Holiday gift that they can take anywhere with them conveniently - Ice Cream To Go.

After years of Chefette ice cream lovers complaining about having to go into the restaurant to order and wait to be served their ice cream the Barbados-based business has launched its newest offering with this cohort of persons in mind.

Managing Director of Chefette Restaurants Ltd. Ryan Haloute told Loop Business:

"We launched our new Ice Cream To Go in all of our Drive-Thrus and Restaurants as we are always looking for ways to continue to expand our menu offerings with specials and keep our brand top of mind. 

"Our goal was to implement a 'game changer' as it is not common for ice cream to be served in a Drive-Thru, moreover with one that has such a wide choice menu as Chefette offers.  The goal was to offer this convenience factor in our Drive-Thrus while still keeping the high quality ice cream we are known for which is creamy and does not melt quickly."

At this early stage, having only launched yesterday, December 15, 2018, at all Drive-Thrus across the island, "Our Ice Cream To Go is available at the moment in Vanilla and CookIER & Cream which has more cookie pieces than our regular Cookies & Cream ice cream," he explained.

Asked what other tricks are the sleeve of the business which has been in existence since 1972, Haloute asserted, "We are constantly exploring new specials and initiatives to launch therefore we have quite a few planned for 2019."

On Facebook since the announcement that Ice Cream To Go is now available, the responses have been mixed.

Some people are harping on about the price, others the size of the container, while ice cream lovers are just happy for the long awaited convenience they dreamt about throughout Chefette's 46 years of existence.

Ashey Johnson: A 1 scoop cup is $4.50 so help me to understand how half of a scoop values $6.00 ?... the extra $2.50 is being charged for it being passed through the drive through windows ? Cause I am CONFUSEDDDDDDD

Rae Reade: "How many scoops of icecream does that cup equate to? Because I'm having a little bit of difficulty understanding and visualizing the size of the icecream container and of the amount of icecream in it." With 32 reactions, this comment was the most popular on the Chefette Facebook page when this story was published.

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Tristan John: Please understand that people who only go to Chefette for icecream will now have the option of using the Drive-Thru for their icecream craving. So that rather than being 'forced' to go into the restaurant, they now have the option of using the Drive-Thru like anybody else...causing people who normally use the Drive-Thru for ordinary meals to have an extra long wait..

Romell Chase: I don't get it. Wanna wanted icecream in the drive thru complain it come small complain. If it came by cup and it drop in the car and drip all over complain. Maybe it came nice and compact so it can cover down for when you get home. If ya don't want the icecream get out the darn car geeeseeee man.

And the second most popular comment went to Kerrísha Mïlâñï who simply said, "Bajans does get what they ask for and still complain *eye roll emoji* Twenty-seven people agreed with her totally.

What are your thoughts on the Ice Cream To Go?


Editor's Note* - Comments are as is from Facebook, unedited.

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